If you wish to apply but do not have access to the Internet, you can call CDSS at (916) 651-5350 to ask you to send you a paper application form. Don`t forget to leave a brief message with your name and phone number so your call can be returned. You can also ask your county social worker to apply for your application. If an IHSS provider meets the applicable criteria and is eligible for COVID-19 sick leave, the provider must contact the recipient or recipients they work for and inform them that they are ill and, if the recipient needs to identify another provider, you advise them to contact the county IHSS office. At that time, the provider should complete and sign the form « COVID-19 ONLY – IHSS Provider Sick Leave Request, » if you wish to register by paper form, you can download direct payment forms. Please keep in mind that you must submit a separate form for each IHSS recipient for whom payments must be paid directly. If no work time table has been filed for 60 days, you will be missed by the direct payment and you must re-register. For criteria A, complex medical and/or behavioural illness for the purposes of exemption 2: that a recipient of the IHSS has personal care services requiring « special attention and care, and these services cannot be provided by anyone other than their online service provider, without affecting the recipient`s physical tolerance and/or behavioural behaviour, as it is a mental illness. B Autism spectrum disorders, Alzheimer`s disease, etc.). If the services were provided by someone other than the existing provider, it would harm the IHSS recipient due to physical and/or emotional stress that would lead to out-of-home care. 15 counties are responsible for verifying whether recipients require paramedics or services (for example.

B bowel and bladder care or repositioning), if they have diagnoses that may indicate behavioral needs and if they are cared for by others, para. B example in a day program or by other IHSS providers.16 No. The IHSS exemptions allow a leave parent to hire an additional provider who meets the needs of the children if they have 360 hours per month (or 264 hours per month without leave) without compromising the parent provider`s eligibility for the exemption. Overtime may be provided by a non-family member. Example #1: I am a provider of parents and mothers for my three minor children who receive a total of 460 hours of IHSS per month. My request for a weekly IHSS waiver has just been accepted, but I need an additional provider to cover the 100 hours of overtime. For a participant who, after 31 As an IHSS healthcare provider, you are required to inform us of any changes to your contact information by completing and signing the IHSS address and/or phone change within 10 days.