Characteristics of negotiating skills include: preparation and planning ability, knowledge of the negotiated subject, ability to think clearly and quickly under pressure and uncertainty, ability to verbally express thoughts, hearing, judgment and general intelligence, integrity, ability to convince others, patience, determination, many options to consider , become aware of the other person`s process and style. , is flexible and thinks and talks about possible areas of the agreement. The negotiating strategies for a great negotiation is: prepare in depth. One of the most fundamental mistakes you can make in negotiations is to get to the negotiations without proper preparation, set clear goals, set your BATNA, understand how the other party works, choose when and negotiate, you know what you want to negotiate and consult everything in writing. Please inquire about our trading services and benefit from our negotiating skills for professionals and contractors. When times are running out, contracts are often broken. Today, on both sides of sales contracts, parties are finding it difficult to keep their promises and contract workers are finding it difficult to be paid by their employers. … Read more In business negotiations, two polar errors are common: reaching an agreement if it was not wise to do so, and far from a mutually beneficial outcome. How can you avoid these pitfalls? By careful preparation that includes an analysis of the area of the potential agreement or zopa in trade negotiations.

… Read more Adapted from « Before You Sign on the Dotted Line »…, first published in the May 2009 trading newsletter. After an agreement, professionals often rely on their lawyers to establish the official contract. Unfortunately, poor communication between negotiators and their lawyers often leads to costly errors. The terms of the contract cannot be exactly the negotiated agreement, the essential terms of the contract … Read more Successful negotiators work hard to ensure that if they and their counterparts leave a negotiation, both sides are satisfied with the agreement. Why don`t you care whether or not the other side is satisfied with the negotiations? … Read more In negotiations, your best source of power is usually the best alternative to a negotiated agreement or BATNA. A strong external alternative allows you to move away from a deal that doesn`t fit your needs or that would compromise your vision or ethics. But if you`re dealing with a negotiator who seems irreplaceable… Read more For decades, General Electric (GE) and the Environmental Protection Agency have been fighting over who would pay for the removal of PCBs or polychlorobiphenyls that GE had launched in New York`s Hudson River, a rehabilitation project that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.