If you are excited and want to try to check, you can access the signaling system here. Om pokéstop nominaties te kunnen reviewen, dien je eerst een test af te leggen van 10 vragen. Lees de acceptatiecriteria aandachtig op de volgende pagina: wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/help . Ga naar Beoordelen in test leg af als i klaar bent. No information on the number of agreements required for each badge level. They can follow the same pattern they used for Ingress badges, or they can go with a completely different set of requirements. As a reference, the Ingress requirements are below, they also have 2 other badges beyond gold. The Help section indicates that the more you agree with other pioneers, the better your assessment. Things are, I have a green note from Wayfarer, but my disagreements are 34, while my chords are 21. The relationship between differences of opinion and agreements tells me something else. If you are already participating in Wayfarer, all your current contracts will also be applied retroactively to the badge.

So all your hard work is going to count! I`m a little puzzled about how Wayfarer`s evaluation and agreements and disagreements with other Wayfarers work. Niantic Wayfarer, formerly known as Operation Portal Recon, (wayfarer.nianticlabs.com) is a Niantic Labs web application that provides crowdsourcing review of entosauster submissions and Wayspot editions. Officers at Level 10 or higher can be accessed on the appointment administration website, while officers who pass a quiz to demonstrate their knowledge of the candidate`s Wayspot criteria can also verify Wayspot`s appointments and salaries. Wayfarer allows agents to indicate whether a Wayspot candidate is fit to be included in the portal network. This allows Niantic Labs to use the knowledge of local agents. Niantic also announced that starting today, coaches who participate in the Wayfarer system will be eligible for a new badge! You have announced that all Wayfarer agreements you have received, while your profile is in green status, will be taken into account in the badge. The medal is awarded to agents who participate in Wayfarer. The performance of the agents participating in Wayfarer is evaluated on an « arm, » « good » and « awesome » scale. As long as the officer`s assessment is « Good » or « Great, » the number of medal agreements counts (i.e. whether the officer`s voice matches the final fate of the deposit).

Meer over akkoorden in upgrades yesterday: wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/help#upgrades Deze pagina legt de werking van het beoordelen van pokéstops haarfijn uit. To join Niantic Wayfarer, you must reach a certain level at Pokemon Go or Ingress and pass an admission test. This week, Niantic lowered the level requirements to join Wayfarer. Dit proces kan een week tot een aantal maanden, in het slechtste geval, duren afhankelijk van het aantal reviewviewers die er in je buurt aan het reviewen zijn. For more information on this week`s change (including more information about Ingress in particular), check out Niantic`s blog. Since niantic games encourage players to visit real places (such as museums, statues and parks), this program allows the community to help Niantic visit its up-to-date maps with interesting new locations. Operation Portal Recon (OPR) was inaugurated on September 25, 2017. [2] Previously, new portal submissions were evaluated by Niantic staff. To limit the workload, applications have not been accepted in many parts of the world. [3] Hoe gebruik ik een upgrade? Op de pagina Nominaties, klik « Volgende upgrade » om een nominatie te upgraden zodra i de volgende 100 akkoorden hebt berei. Players can help Niantic determine which points of interest should be added to his games.

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