We`ve put this together to give you a brief briefing on how commissioning works here at Sky. It is this reputation that will protect UKTV`s commissioning ambitions as a result of changes in the company`s ownership, Watsham believes. We only put in service a handful of premium natural history shows a year – so please just send us your best natural blue chip ideas. Do commissioning tricks because we believe flexibility and agility are key to advancing the most ambitious ideas. Exec worked closely with Prodcos, helped design Discovery`s commissioning strategy and led to development. We don`t hire as many volumes as other commissioning services, so every project is incredibly important to us, and we`ll work tirelessly to make it as great a show as possible. To that end, we have completely overhauled our commissioning process. We have made changes at every step, from the follow-up of ideas to the structuring of internal meetings and the way we make decisions. We have rewritten our production agreement, formalized and simplified green emails, and are currently working to make post-production papers less restrictive. We will continue to work on feedback to streamline and clarify all of our processes.

The channel has long been underestimated by audiences and programmers, Watsham says. But the success of the original commissioning changes this perception. You no longer receive proposals « with BBC Three and Dave writes in chalk, » he laughs. « The quality, breadth and innovation of what we do and the risk in some areas offer producers and talent a chance they may not have elsewhere. » Once the program is approved, please complete a registration form that will form the basis of the commissioning agreement, which will then be negotiated with a member of our legal and business affairs team. We will then give the green light to the program by e-mail. « The team is increasing the commissioning capacity of Discovery`s lifestyle and entertainment portfolio, which now includes Quest Red, Really, TLC, Home, Good Food, Food Network and ID. » Feedback is the best way to increase our game, so we have a clear and effective procedure to raise questions and the commission director, Richard.Watsham@uktv.co.uk is to contact the man. Our decision-making process includes a two-tics system between the commissioning department and the channel`s drafting. We believe this will allow for creative debate and ensure that we rigorously order the most exciting ideas. Once we have agreed to continue the program, our production department will work with you to finalize the budget and schedule, and a member of our Business Affairs team will grant you the rights position.

The programme will then be included in our version of a programme funding committee, supported by the channel`s director general and the commission`s director. Sky Arts commissioned: barbara.lee@sky.uk; benedetta.pinelli@sky.uk We are a small service and we are reachable. Just send us an email submissions@uktv.co.uk or pick up the phone. The simple metric for scripted comedy is – make us laugh. Our customers are waiting for shows that are not funny. We are after surprising shows that provide great actors and unforgettable brilliant characters. The best comedy is related, but never predictable. Our commissioning team is very cooperative, but we have high standards; Sky is the place where the best comedy actors, writers, directors and producers can do their best work.