TPCI President Mohit Singla said the totalisation agreement is an international pact for social security that eliminates the double taxation of social security, both in the country of origin and in the country where a worker works. He said the agreement should be part of the trade agreement negotiated by India and the United States. The Trade Promotion Council for India (TPCI) proposed Tuesday that India and the United States sign a totalization agreement because it will provide social security to Indian professionals in America. The United States finally agreed to discuss the annoying issue of the Social Security tax, a first step toward a « totalization agreement » that could allow Indian professionals working in the United States to receive their social security deposits when their work visas expire, three officials said. If India and the United States reach an agreement and sign the totalization agreement. We have seen that these benefits were discussed under Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the need for the totalization agreement, while Secretary of State Harsh Vardhan Shringla said that the two issues relating to the H-1B visa, which has a direct impact on the COMPUTER technology (IT) sector, and the totalisation agreements with the US authorities were discussed. « Unlike tax credits, there is no SSC credit reason in both countries. Therefore, SSA countries include social security agreements to ensure that, on the basis of certain conditions, the worker concerned is subject to the SSC deduction in a single jurisdiction, » he added. At a joint press conference with the US President on 25 February at Hyderabad House in New Delhi, Prime Minister Modi said: « I have asked President Trump to continue to discuss the contribution of our social security experts as part of a totalization agreement. We will both be interested in that. India on Tuesday called on the United States to consider signing a totalization agreement to avoid a double deduction of the incomes of workers working in the other company`s countries and to allow Indian partial-unemployment workers in the United States to recover billions of dollars in social security deposits.