With non service accommodation, you are obviously the managing agent, you run all this side of things and you have the profile of business rental, tenant on site, Paul. After the lease, you have the often forgotten anger of getting your big deposit back – and there are often arguments that can take a long time and cause a lot of frustration. That we will also pay 6% – above 6%, I must say – we will also pay the service fee, the basic rent, the administration, etc. Sometimes landlords and tenants want to change an existing lease or extend it for an additional period of time. If your contact information changes during the lease, you must provide your new contact information to the other party within 10 business days. If you are thinking of renting your property as a service apartment, you should check your rental agreement. The property of a service apartment is different from a standard apartment for rent. If you don`t understand the difference between the two, it can lead to complications for your clients. More importantly, if the buyer, if he buys an apartment in a good location – he will earn money with more options. And they can be discussed at any time.

As you expect, the agreements that need to be available for Serviced Accommodation`s investment model are much more complicated than for other types of buy-to-let. Today, we discuss tenants, tenant profiles, leases and review contracts that use residential real estate with their investors and landlords. LETTING TERMS JULY 2008 1. TENANT`S OBLIGATIONS The tenant agrees to pay Roomspace accommodation fees that include the weekly rate for each week of the term, including service (excluding telephone fees), municipal taxes, water rates and services. Services include weekly cleaning of the property, including vacuum cleaners and/or wash floors, washing and changing all sheets and towels provided by the space, cleaning sanitary items and kitchen for bathrooms, as well as providing television services in the accommodation. The tenant pays the accommodation costs at the same frequency as the rented buildings, 20% of which are paid to Roomspace for the provision of services and 80% to rent to Roomspace as a broker. Accommodation costs are paid from time to time for the number of days in advance accommodation fees and charged at the daily price. 1.1.

SUPPLIES The tenant agrees to pay telephone fees (if it exists) plus VAT. 1.2 REPAIRS 1.2.1 To keep the property (including door windows and glass in windows) in such a good state of repair and decoration, 1.2.2 In order to keep furniture and water appliances in good repair condition (other than by appropriate use and wear) and to pay for the repair or replacement of furniture (at the owner`s choice) for repairing or replacing furniture with similar and equivalent objects such as the owner with respect to furniture destroyed or damaged by the tenant or his visitors, During period 1.2.3, all damage caused by the action or failure of the tenant or tenant`s fulfiller or visitor in the building must be set 1.2.4 to repair any damage suffered from the cleaning of the property or building by tenants 1.3 In order to keep the property and furniture 1.4 YIELD UP own clean UP under the figure 3.3, to give RS two weeks written notification of confirmation of the departure date and leave the property with all the furniture on the departure date in such a state of repair and decoration which is in accordance with the tenant`s agreements contained in this agreement, and in case the tenant does not, the lessor is allowed to decorate a company to decorate the property and recover the costs from the tenant, and unless the landlord, by written notification to the tenant, asks for something else (in this case, the tenant must fulfill this requirement) to allow the furniture on the land in the same position as at the beginning of the period 1.5 access of Landlord and TO REPAIR , the owner and RS with workers and other servants on notice (except in case of emergency), the property with all needs