(c) any additional delay resulting from the vessel`s inability to load or unload the entire cargo within twenty-four hours; either pro-rata, in the case of a partial load or to maintain a minimum pressure of seven (7) bar on the ship`s distributor for the duration of the unloading or failure to achieve a lower benefit imposed by a terminal limitation, must be held on behalf of the owners and the charterers must be able to deduct from the rent the additional time used for the rent. c) Owners are committed to within twenty-four hours or in proportion to a partial load after the start of the pump, the vessel dumps a full cargo within the meaning of point 19 of this Charter, or that the vessel maintains a minimum pressure of 7 (7) bar on the ship`s distributor for the duration of the unloading, provided that the receiving facilities are able to unload the cargo within that time or in this manner. When charterers require additional crude oil washing, the period under paragraph 1 is set at 25% (25%) article 19.3.2 of this Charter. Increased. Notwithstanding the above, the parties may jointly decide whether such a dispute should be referred to arbitration proceedings in London under the Arbitration Act 1996, or that such amendments or reissues, in the words of the London Maritimes` Association, before a three-arbitrator court. However, if the total loss of time in subst paragraph 19.1 is less than three hours in a calendar month, the vessel must not be out of the lease. (i) the permissible exposure limit value (« ELP ») as described in ISGOTT, as amended from time to time. The owners undertake to ensure that the conditions of use of the ship`s captain, officers and crew are always acceptable to the International Transport Workers Association (ITWF) and that the vessel is equipped with an ITWF blue card or equivalent certification acceptable to ITWF at all times. (c) the vessel must retain at least 25% of SDWT at all times; For clarity, if the owners/masters lead the ship to miss the first available convoy as soon as it arrives at the link area, the lost waiting time for the next convoy will be the owners` account. The owners ensure that they, the ship`s managers, captain and crew, are aware of the ethics and commercial policy of the charterers, as set out in BP`s Code of Conduct entitled « Our Integrity Obligation » (a copy of this obligation is available on www.bp.com) and its application to third-party contractors. Owners undertake to ensure that, when fulfilling their obligations under this Charter, they, managers, the master and crew act and adhere to the principles set out in the BP Code of Conduct at all times. (a) the owners undertake that the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) content in the vessel`s refuelling atmosphere has been reduced prior to arrival at the loading port, and costs for charterers below the lower value of: If the vessel is to be unloaded at Castellon CBM, to the extent that charterers advise owners: Owners undertake, among other things, that the vessel meets the following conditions: b) when the vessel`s acceptance rate is below the above minimum rate or if their unpacking period exceeds the maximum time required to carry out the loading, it is a rental period and a deduction of rent, all losses, damages, costs or expenses resulting from the omission. That`s how you recharge.