An official may use this form to request a hearing in another format. Owners must use this form to terminate or limit a service or establishment to a rental unit or manufactured place of residence. Host park owners must use this form to issue a notice of termination of the lease if they wish to convert all or a substantial portion of the park into another purpose. With this form, you can provide proof of an application that includes a financial settlement. Rental forms relate to all official documents exchanged between a landlord or landlord and a tenant. Tenants can use this form to make their transfer address available to the landlord in writing. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for monthly rental statistics, feature updates and other up-to-date rental information. A lease ends for a number of reasons. As a result, the bc-government has 6 separate forms to deal with the different circumstances surrounding the termination of a lease if the lessor initiated: Use this form to ask an arbitrator to correct any obvious error or involuntary omission. Landlords must use this form to seek the consent of an arbitrator for a rent increase of more than the amount specified in the rental agreement or in the rental price of the building plot and the rules associated with it. 3. Owner`s Dispute Resolution Request – expedited consultation – if the owner requires an expedited hearing for an emergency case, the form must be completed and submitted. As an owner, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of rental forms to effectively manage and operate your rental properties.

Starting with the residential lease form, as well as the condition inspection report and the form of dispute resolution, these documents will ensure that you are fulfilling your tenancy obligations in accordance with B.C. laws. This form allows you to record the status of a rental unit when a tenant enters and moves into a rental unit. Once you`ve downloaded the forms you need, you`ll learn more about the BC Residential Tenancy Branch`s exciting service requirements. I bet you`re looking forward to reading this! Owners must use this form to provide notice of termination if the owner is planning major construction work or major renovations or repairs that require a draining of the appliance.