It is likely that the division will initiate actions to update contractual agreements, possibly as part of an open tendering process. Renewing the duration of the ASTP contract will allow PSEs to benefit from a level of continuity of service. The duration of the contract has been renewed, which means that you will remain as an ESP on the list of approved providers of the department and that you are eligible for the school run. This does not mean that your contract will be automatically renewed. Despite the difficulties, 2020 has also inspired inventiveness and creativity. Our new membership packages reflect… Please note the list of contract changes (PDF 244.38KB). ASTP communities are member-led initiatives that explore the latest KT trends, develop innovative tools for knowledge transfer experts and share knowledge with other members. Volunteer with ASTP to develop your professional network and give back your knowledge and experience to the community. Become an accredited expert in knowledge transfer and join an internationally recognized community of professionals. We set up a variety of training courses that meet the needs of KT professionals at all levels. This webinar explores the corporate partnership initiative for the creation of the MedTech accelerator. There are no changes to the current terms of the contract, with the exception of a few changes to outdated names, definitions and stylistic text formatting.

This unique advantage offers the ability to analyze and improve the quality of your KTO by working with critical friends. We have partnered with the largest and best KT organizations and pass on the benefits of these relationships to our members. This course aims to offer a better understanding of corporate finance in the KTO/TTO context…. If you have an active race with ASTP, you will receive email information about the signature and return (PDF 3832.45KB) of a new version of the contract. If you do NOT have active execution with ASTP, no further action is required. ASTP will send you a new version of the contract if you are awarded a race. Yes, the current PSEs remain on the ESP list. The ESP list is used for the allocation of passages to meet the requirements of the program division. The annual ASTP conference is a highlight of the European knowledge transfer calendar.

Take the annual conference for a great networking, the current debate and great pleasure. ASTP is a non-profit organization committed to applying these key values to improving the quality of the impact of research on the economy and society. ASTP`s mission is to promote the careers of our members and the wider knowledge transfer community through our training, international networking events and personalized services. We have members from all over the world. We work with national knowledge transfer associations within our NAAC and co-founded the RTTP Global Accreditation Network.