In order to update your existing apps and send new apps to the App Store, users must verify and accept the updated agreement in their account on the developers` website using the « Team Agent » role. Yes, I searched the forum. No, I don`t need to accept anything in itunes connect (banking, Contratcs..) – there is still a master contract that is still active. Nothing to add. I have a red banner on my account and I can check the agreement. But there is nothing in the agreement or below to say, « Yes, I accept it »1. Change your account information address: 2. In the security part in the Chinese « anquan, » go and work it. 3. Most of the import steps is to add your trusted phone number, then your developer account will continue to be used. Good luck! TRUSTED PHONE NUMBERS But here`s the question: I`ve already added my phone number in I even add two phone numbers, but when I come back to the Developer Center, the same note is always displayed above and there is only the edit phone number icon on the right side. What for? What`s the problem? I ran on this problem when I signed up for itunes connect, but by visiting the developer site (same link as in the original article), I could accept the deal.

However, when I go to agreements, taxes and banking, I see both the agreement on free and paid apps, but when I click Vue, there is nothing I can accept. It`s a pop-up window with a list of countries and a button at the end that says « close. » And that`s it. Another action is not possible. No other option in the Action column. That`s crazy. I just wanted to update my app, but I have to accept the licensing agreement for Apple`s development program: Once logged in, click the warning at the top of your screen that will take you to a page to accept these updates. Click above on the « Check summary » button, read and accept the updated license agreement Go to and log into your account. To access certain membership resources, you must accept the latest license agreement.