In 2014, Alibaba and Yunfeng Capital, a private equity firm, created AliHealth when the two companies bought a 54% stake in CITIC 21CN for HK 1.33 billion ($171 million). [131] [132] It is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as SEHK: 241. It is positioned as a pharmaceutical e-commerce and medical services company. In the same year, Alibaba acquired Chinese card provider AutoNavi. [133] In April 2015, the group also agreed to transfer its online pharmacy Tmall Medical (yao)., at AliHealth. Integration offers consumers a wide range of pharmaceutical and health products available in China. [134] In 2015, Alibaba founded its Shanghai-based sports division in AliSports following the consolidation of some of the parent company`s existing operations. [135] The activities of the new entity include digital television and sports rights, event activities, venue marketing, copyright, media, business development, gaming and ticketing. From 2015 to 2022, AliSports secured exclusive sponsorship of the FIFA Club World Cup. [136] The company has announced a Rugby Sevens Champions Tournament in 2017, which will be played in Shanghai for the highest price ever offered in the sport. [137] 10.1 is the sole owner or lawful licensee of all the rights and interests of the websites and content of the site.

Websites and website contents are trade secrets and other intellectual property rights protected by copyright and other laws. All property rights, property rights and intellectual property rights on websites and site content remain in the hands of, affiliates or licensees. All rights that are not claimed under other conditions or by are here to rest. (g) uploading, posting or e-mailing content infringing on a party`s intellectual property or other legitimate rights; 11.3 You agree that all agreements, communications, requests, advertisements and other communications that you are sent electronically comply with all legal requirements that this notification must be made in writing. In 2003, Alibaba launched the Taobao Marketplace (淘宝) and offered a variety of retail products. Taobao became the largest C2C online shopping platform in China and then became the second most popular site in China, after Alexa Internet. [51] [52] Taobao`s growth has been attributed to the free provision of free registration and transactions via a free third-party payment platform. [53] Advertising accounted for 75 per cent of the company`s total revenue, which allowed it to break up in 2009. In 2010, Taobao`s profit was estimated at $1.5 billion ($235.7 million), which iResearch estimates to be only about 0.4 percent of its total revenue of $400 billion ($62.9 billion) this year. [53] According to Zhang Yu, director of Taobao, the number of stores on Taobao increased by 60% between 2011 and 2013; the number of stores with sales between $10,000 and $1 million increased by 30%, and the number of stores with sales in excess of $1 million increased by 33%. [54] 5.2 As part of the registration process, the Member must provide information or material about your business, business or product/service on the websites for your access and use of a member service or account.